Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sally Hansen Nails

I may or may not have gone in to town today. Where I may or may not have done a little purchase..
I went into Matas which is like a smaller, Danish version of Boots. I'd already said to myself that I wasn't going to buy anything, I was just looking. But that is just impossible and on my way out I saw that they had some awesome deals on sale, so I had to check it out - and I did. Yes, I did. 

Two products that I found in the sales I wanted to show you is two nail polishes from Sally Hansen
I haven't tried any Sally Hansen products before so I was looking forward to try it. I'm really impressed with both products. I'll start with the Strength Hardener.

                                                                   (2 coats of the calypso blue)

First of, I needed a new base coat, so that is a justified purchase, and I  was happy to find this in the sales. You can use this alone, and get a little shiny nail, or you can use it as base coat. I think that I'm going to use it both ways.
The polish is a clear polish that dries really fast! Other, cheap, base coats I have tried have been really slow at drying and I'm to impatient to sid and wait. 

It says on the packaging that you'll get noticeably harder and stronger nail instantly - I don't believe that they are harder and stronger right now after useing it one time but I could believe that it works. 

Now to the color! I saw this beautiful, almost indigo, blue in the box of nail polishes and I had to have it. 

I love this blue color and I just fell in love with brush of the nail polish. It's wide and easy to handle. 

The color's in "Calypso Blue" and is lovely. It's blue with a hint of pearl, I would say. I'm definitely going to buy more Sally Hansen nail polishes. This one have impressed me so much. 

All in all, these products have impressed me and got me a little hooked on buying more Sally Hansen products.

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Have a nice saturday 


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