Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Catch up // Guest blogging

Hi ladies! I have been a busy bee this last week. Monday I started school and my 5th semester, I had some bike trouble which took a lot of my time and patience and this Friday and Saturday I helped my mother with the preparations for her 50th birthday which we celebrated Saturday night, so I have had a lot going on. Therefore there haven't been a lot of activity on here - sorry about that! Will try and do some scheduled posts as I LOVE writing them :) 

As a little consolation and some mlhauken reading I wanted to let you know that I have done three guest blog posts lately! The first one was a What's On My Face which I did over on Beausmaquillagex. Go and take a peek and see which products I have been using on a everyday basis lately :) Do leave me a comment on the post if you liked it. My second guest post I did was for Lipgloss&Lashes, which is one of my all time fave blogs. I have been reading Becky's blog since the beginning. We started around the same time and she has already been norminated for the Cosmopolitan Awards - how amazing is that!? But let's stick to the point of this post :) I did a The Body Shop Collection Part 1 on her blog - Part 2 will be up later this week, I promise :) It was one of the popular posts on her blog, so do take a peek and let me know what you think. The last but also the first guest post I did was on Dippy Writes. Here I did a Nail Obesession posts on the Maxfacfor Glossfinity varnishes. I have done one on my blog before on the L'OrĂ©al Color Riche here

If you clicked over and read the posts, liked them and was wondering if I would do a post for you or vice versa then please do contact me - either via twitter or just here on this post :) Hope you liked this little Sunday post catch up - now I going to watch Something Borrowed under the covers :)  

Thanks so much for reading guys! Hope you have had a lovely day :) xx

Lots of love 


  1. Thank you for guest posting for me, clearly my readers loved it as it was on the popular posts list! xx

  2. I love all these pictures...just seeing colour and makeup and collections makes me smile...I know I'm weird hahaha! :)

    Layla xxx

  3. Love your blog and the products amazing <3

  4. gorgeous blog, hun :)
    i love blog posts which are a nice read, not to much being crammed into your head and thats what this blog post was xxx
    follow my blog?-
    follow my twitter? @hannahsblogs
    followed you on both xxx

  5. I absolutely love the Body Shop Mango range! xox

  6. It sucks when life gets too busy to keep up with all of your hobbies but thats the way it goes sometimes isnt it :) Thanks for sending me your link during the #bbloggers chat, I love the look of your blog and am now following. Will be looking forward to all your future posts xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]


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