Hi lovely - welcome to my blog! 

I'm Marie-Louise, a 22 year old  - young - beauty addict! I'm currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where I'm a purchasing management (fashion) intern as part of my degree. I'm almost done with my BA - finishing in december! Crazy!

Even though, I'm a purchasing student, which I love, I kind of really like everything Social Media - twitter, facebook, instagram etc. Do chat with me on there if you'd like :) 

Here on Mint, Laugh & Lipstick you'll find a lot of beauty posts, some lifestyle and a bit of fashion. Currently, I'm not confident enough to do the Outfit of The Day post - which I would like to do in the future! This is why, I also have some healthy, weight loss kind of posts. 

I hope you like my blog and thank you stopping by! 

All opinions on my blog are 100% honest and I will never accept money to give a product a good review as I would not want to tempt my readers to spend their hard earned money on something that I do not completely believe in. 

Here's a little FAQ for you:

Who designed your blog?

I care too much about my blog, not to due anything about my design so I don't mind investing the design.  My current blog design is one I found through a lovely blogger called Becky. It's from etsy by Shiny Magic. 

What do you take your pictures with?

Right now, I'm taking my pictures on my iPhone 5 - I know, I seriously need a good camera! My iphone, actually, takes some quite nice pictures, but would still love a good camera - please leave your recommendations! 

What programs do you use to edit your photos?
But as I'm taking it with my Phone, I need to edit some of my pictures. I try to do it a little as I can, and I try to take all of my pictures in sun light. As for the editing program goes, I currently only use Picmonkey which is a free editing program - you can upgrade if you want, but I think the free features a just what need! It's tha' best. 

I'll be updating this FAQ 

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